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Ways to save money...baby & hubby?
12/11/2011 at 17:29 PM

I put this in this section so i can hear from other moms. Im married and we have a 13 month old son and like most people money is tight. I would like for my baby to have a nice Christmas too but we don't have a tree and we bought him a present today BUT i feel bad for spending over $55. I would like to hear how other parents save money, in general not just for holidays, besides coupons. I never seem to find coupons of what we buy. My husband has a thing about being bothered with me returning things back to the store BUT sometimes it's way better than wasting that money and keeping the item. I know we can't return food and i want to start fresh for the next grocery day. We looked through the fridge and cabinets and we've wasted quit a few food items. Thanks in advance!