Urinating - FamilyEducation
03/19/2011 at 19:31 PM

My son who is 8 years of age has some issues, he is adhd, bipolar, and mood disorder. We have controlled his violent behaviors however in the last year or so he started urinating all over his bedroom at night and in the heating vent in his room and recently started urinating in the clean towels and putting them back and urinating on clean clothes. He does this usually at night and he is not sleep walking and he is not afraid of the dark because he does get up do go. I have tried every which way to get thru to him about this problem I am at a loss and do not know what to do anymore. Any suggestions, please help!!

Children who voluntarily urinate in inappropriate places often have serious psychiatric disorders. Your son needs to be seen and evaluated by a child psychiatrist to address this issue.