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Trouble with my 8yr daughter
04/09/2008 at 23:49 PM


I am new to these chats, but I am so deperate!  I sometimes feel like I am going to have to take my daughter to the pysch hospital.  She is starting to get in these angy rages when she does not get what she wants.  Or when she does not want to do what is asked of her.  She is an A B student with perfect attendence, until now. She is in an performing arts school and doing well.  These rages change the look in her eyes to where I do not know who she is.  It is soooo scarry.  I feel that maybe she does not sleep well so I asked my pediatrician to PLEASE  give me something to help her rest.  He did not want to, but because he has known her since birth he gave her hydroxizine.  Well it does help her sleep, but now its an issue because she hates to take meds especially if they tast bad. I do not want to start giving her psychotropic medication. These rages have been going on for three weeks now.  Please, anyone who may be experiencing this give me advise.


hi my name is Rachel and I know it might sound crazy at her age to act like that but I have a 7 year old and sometimes he’s a little out of control I put him in behavioral counseling we go every tues 7-8 pm and it has helped out allot but girls mature before boys do there is a class at st.Josephs hosp called teen talk and its for girls reaching puberty maybe she does not understand the changes in her body or something I don’t think you should put her on sleeping pills its only going to discourage her and probably make things worse. I hope I helped let me know how you’re doing!

Thanks for your reply Rachel. Her ped doc did suggest play therapy and I am working on that as well. I am so against meds but to see her like that scares me so much. I had lab work done on her. I am thinking maybe low blood count hence feeling tired? I just don't know. Do you really think she could be hitting puberty at 8yrs? Wow if it's so. I have to brace myself for that. Thanks Patsy

Hi Tonight was another rough nigh with my daughter. It started at 6pm and ended at 11:20pm! She was just angry. Tonight was ccd classes and she had to retake a test and she felt she was not ready and went blullistic. She was defient, angy, went as far as choking my other child. My other child did not know to leave things along and kept taunting her until my daughter felt like she had to retailiate. I know that does not excuse her. I finally had to call a psychiactric hospital and ask for guidence. I just did not know what else to do. After 5 hours what is one to do. She would not let me hug her. She snapped out for a few minutes and decided to go back to being awful again. I am so worried. The hospital is on stand by if I decide to take her in tonight or in the am. She told me that in the am there would be more resources. My daughter pasted out of exuastion. She listened in on the call I made. Maybe she realized I was/am at the end of my rope. Please if this is familar to anyone I need info/resouces. Rachael share with me. Thanks