Transgender - FamilyEducation
04/09/2012 at 20:52 PM

My 15 year old son recently told me he thinks he should have been my daughter. I want to be supportive and will do anything necessary to help him on his journey. I have watched several videos about kids being born into the wrong body, their struggles as well as their sucesses. All of these children as well as their parents were aware from a very early age that their child acted/felt/appeared to be the opposite sex. My son always dressed/acted/appeared to be a boy. Is my son going through a "phase" or is this real.. My son has watched many of these same videos and I am not sure if these are his true feelings or if he is quoting what he has!

You sound like a very supportive parent. He needs that regardless and is lucky to have you. Has he had a physical and had his hormone levels checked? Testosterone levels may not be where they should be. Some sort of counseling or therapy may be beneficial. Just do some research before you take him and meet the counselor first so you know how the counselor approaches this. Just because a teen has some questions and doubts does not automatically mean he is gay or transgender, and some counselors want to push in that direction withouth giving the child the opportunity to explore his own feelings. It can also be particularly difficult if it is a counselor with a religious affilitation and they start with the guilt . God created each and every one of us! God bless you both!

Thanks to "cherfamily" for your words of encouragement. We have not had lab values assessed (great idea). We are seeing a therapist who is not only knowledgeable but neutral (no preconceived religious ideas) and he recommends that my son wait until he is at least 18 yrs old before he begins hormone therapy as there could have dangerous side effects. Of course my son disagrees, he wants to begin hormone blockers and then female horomones before puberty is complete to ward off the effects of testosterone. I want my son to be a happy/fullfilled person no matter which gender he chooses but I want him to be safe. Any informative thoughts are welcome. Unconditional Love knows no gender!!!!