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Temper Tantrum
08/30/2007 at 13:08 PM

Hi, I have a 7 years old boy, he's in 3rd grade now. what can I do to control his temper tantrum? one little thing that does not goes his way, he will had a temper, stumping his feet and got frustrated.  Please advise. Thank you.

Hey lyung,


I think that you need to help teach your son how to control his anger in an acceptable way.  I would make it clear that the temper tantrums are not going to get him his way and if he continues to do them, then I feel he should lose something that he cares about as punishment for that behavior---so he throws a fit about his toys, then he is grounded from those toys or games for a period of time.  I think that when kids learn that the behavior doesn't work and that they will also be in trouble too---they should start to back off the behavior.


But, it will be hard for you to stick by because it means ignoring the tantrums and then just going straight to punishment mode.  No giving in to the tantrum because it is easiest to give in.


Anyone else have any great ideas about tantrums?






hey i was reading your message and i know what you are talking about i have a eight year old , he begin tantrums when he doesn't get his way he begins to lash out , slamming doors, and screams top of his lungs, at first i try to ignore it cause he wants my attention when i doesnt work i explain to him that his behavior is not acceptable then i tell him he is being punished by me taking something that he adores for three days and if his behavior does not change i add another day . most the time that works.