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03/27/2008 at 14:47 PM

My 7 year old son is being teased by a boy in his class.  They used to be friends and still are to some extent.  The teasing is mild and  I'm not sure how to address it.  The boy's mom and I are friends and we see them pretty much every day between school, baseball, and scouts.  I feel the urge to talk to his mom but I want my son to be able to fight his own battles too.  Should I talk to the boy's mom, tell my son to ignore him, tell him to respond back...?   I'm not sure what the right way to handle this is.  Any suggestions?

handle with humor -- both you and your son

My 8 y/o boy is, at times, a tattle tale so I generally ask him to go back to the person he is complaining about and talk to them directly. 


However, If you are friends with this mother then I'm sure she will understand if you talk with her in confidence and explain the issue.  There is a way she can bring this up  with her son just by observing his behavior and addressing it. 


Encourage your son to ask the boy not to tease him.