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Reviewers Wanted, New Book COMBAT FAT FOR KIDS
01/11/2013 at 16:03 PM

Hello! My name is Madeline and I work at Hatherleigh Press.

We’ve recently released a book titled Combat Fat for Kids written by James Villepigue and Jo Brielyn. This book details the kind of foods that are the best for young growing bodies, as well as different kinds of activities such as "kid play", sports, and family outings and events that will help promote better health at home.

Combat Fat for Kids provides an indispensable and detailed plan for improving your child's health, and guides you to teach them to make healthier choices for themselves in the future. We are ready to share some review copies of the book and hear your feedback. To receive a review copy, please send an email to These review copies are limited so please let us know your interest and mailing address.

For more information on the book please feel free to visit and like our Facebook page: Combat Fat for KIDS

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I bet the worst part is the fear of what others may think of her or labeling. That hurts the most I know. I teach kinder and this isn't normal five year old tantrums. I am no medical professional but you should look into ED (emotional disorder). It is a branch of the special education program for students who have no control or become irrational with emotions. They are born with it and often times includes violent behavior. If so the district should have a behavior specialist or program to help her. They can set up a behavior plan for school and home. You should ask the teacher if she has been or could be looked at by the councilor or behavior specialist. That way they could get her on a positive behavior plan designed for her. If its public school and you get the run around don't stop. Helping a child younger is much easier then older. You could also ask for a behavior plan even if she isn't ED.

Maybe the "no spanking" stuff doesn't work for every child? Hmm...