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starting my kid to be right hander
09/08/2007 at 11:30 AM

hello friends, i m a doctor by profession but i m still confused whether i shud force my child to be a right hander or not,,,,

he seems to be a left hander cas he initiates all his work with his left hand, many have this opinion that he will be a slow learner if i correct him all the while,,,plz help me with this.......

I really have not heard this debate about forcing a child to be right- handed. I have six children,one is left-handed.She plays sports with her right hand, but writes only with the left.She maintains a 3.8-4.0 average in H.S.She's a GREAT kid!If your child tends to be left-handed, it would be my advice to just let it be.


How old is your child, first of all?

What I have read by developmental experts state handedness is not firmly set until 4 or 5 years old. Also, handedness can vary for different tasks. A lefty writer may be a righty thrower, or vice versa. THey even judge whether someone is left- or right- footed, and left- or right-eyed.

As a lifelong lefty, let me tell you, its not a big deal! OK, your handwriting smudges a little, and certail tools/devices are hard to manage initially, but why would you want to force the change?

I have also read that forcing a lefty to go righty causes fine motor delays and possibly processing delays. Depending on the child, I suppose it can be a big deal or not. But the days of forcing everyone to be a righty are long gone. Let him "choose" what hand to use and live with it.





my child use both hands to write with he write one letter with left than he switches to right for the next letter his teacher say that we have to have him pick eaither to write with his left or right. how do i know what one to pick and if it's the right hand for him?


When you sit down to color with him, put a crayon right in the middle on the far side of the paper.  Notice which hand he uses to pick up the crayon.  When you sit down to cut with him, put the scissors right in the middle on the far side of the paper.  Notice which hand he uses to pick up the crayon.  Watch how he sets the table or does other chores.  Does he do these things with a preference for the right or the left? 


Why would you want your child to be a right hander????? Your child will develop a lot faster if you leave him be, and let him work out his own schemas etc. A child does their own learning and you will only confuse and slow him down otherwise. He will work out what is best for him. I work with two year olds and most of them have their preferences already as to which hand they will use for finer motor skills work. Is there any reason why he should not be left-handed?


thank you for the reply i will definitely keep that in mind and not force my chold to be a right hander


i reaally did not know wat to do, u gelped me lots, i like this board, i hope ill get similar help always


I will agree with most here.

I was born lefty and have absolutely no differences whatsoever. This is a naturally ocurring thing and should be let to takes it course. Just let it be. :o)

All The Best,
Hector R. Barrera 


Well I can agree that I have heard of it being not the right thing to do when trying to force them.

I personally believe their system is already programmed to do one thing. The brain is actually functioning to do things that way. Trying to circumvent this can be disruptive. I think this subject has lots of research, scienece and genetics involved but in the end.

Just let him be what he is. That's my opinion



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