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Son caught with hands down childs pants... help??
05/16/2008 at 21:14 PM

My soon to be 4 yo son was caught today at his new sitters house with his hands down another young boys pants multiple times.  Im not sure how to approach this problem nor was the sitter.  My wife and I had a long talk with him about it but im not sure if i should be concerned that there is a deeper issue than your average curious child.  I know this needs to be nipped in the butt now but has anyone else had a similar issue?
  i know that after being with the same sitter his whole life that this change has been hard but i need advise.  thanks!

Three year olds are very curious little beings and I don't think you need to worry overmuch about this. They like to check out if their friends are just like them. You could explain to him that private parts are just that. We have a changing area just off our main nursery room and we always have friends come through to check out when someone is getting their nappy changed. At this age it is no more than curiosity. We gently direct them back into the other room to afford the child we are changing their due privacy, but I see no great harm in them being there really. I don't know how old the other boy was, or if he perhaps encouraged your child to do this. I certainly wouldn't worry overmuch about this. We are so PC these days it is all getting so anal!

I have three sons and and 4 nephews. The first time my boy (around age 3-4) was caught "looking" at his cousins private parts I FREAKED. The second time when my sister caught her kid (age 3-4) it was less "feaky" the third fourth fifth time one of the boys were reported or caught being curious I had virtually no concern. Evey one of my kids were curious about what the others had. My youngest boy, who is now 8, was reported to have told his pal (both about age 4) that he had a very small weenie... the sitter and he boys mom were so upset. I apologized to the mother and explaind to my son that private parts are private. What you have described is very common and I would have a talk with your little boy and tell him that it is not okay to explore his friends private parts and it is not okay for anyone to explore his.