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Should we participate in Eco Lifestyles/Sustainable Living?
11/12/2012 at 17:14 PM


I'm a uni student and I was wondering if a few of you wouldnt mind answering a few questions I have?

1) What would make you commit to sustainable behaviours/lifestyles long-term, rather than doing it a few times and then never again?

2) Do you think sustainability is an important issue?

3) Do you think an individual can make an impact on sustainability? Why?

4) Do you adopt sustainable lifestyles/behaviours? Why?

5) Do you think, as a family, you are over-consuming and producing too much waste? Why?

6) Who do you think the responsibility of sustainability is up to? Is
it consumer based, corporate based or a bit of both? Why?

7) What do you think would make you more likely to adopt sustainable behaviours, consume less and waste less? Why?

8) Do you think the issue of sustainability has been over-saturated by the media to some extent? Making it seem like a chore/negatively? Why?

9) A lot has already been done to raise awareness of sustainability - What do you think can be done to tackle the issue of sustainability in a way that is fresh and different to what has been done before?

10) Do you think it's important to pass sustainable lifestyle choices on to your children/the next generation?

I'd be really appreciative of any help you could give me,

Thank you,


The answer may vary depending on a person's belief and cost of living. For some, sustainability is an expensive option and for others, it is just a matter of perceptions. Awareness is not yet fully widespread, in my honest opinion.

Beliefs are big. But beyond that, people are practical. It has to make sense and be affordable. We're busy. We're scattered between demands, but willing on some level-- I haven't met one person who simply would not care one iota about living a greener life. But, we need help with systems and implementation. For example, I'd love to recycle. But there's no program in my small town. So, I'd have to store it in my garage for longer than someone with a weekly pickup at their curb. That's not in itself a big deal, but the ants, mice, and stink is. I don't want that in my car when I load it up, either. But then, I'd have to waste gas and drive way out of my way to the recycling plant. That doesn't make sense to me. So my stuff goes in the landfill, even though I'd like it to be different. I'm the only one of my friends that does not recycle-- something very basic yet inaccessible to me.