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set back of potty training
01/11/2010 at 18:03 PM

HELP? ok my step-son is almost 3. he has been potty traning since his 2nd birthday and loves it. he loves the ''big boy potty'' he was or i though he was compleatly potty trainded wouldent even go in his bed at night. went about 3 mo. like that no oops in his pants or in the bed. i was happy and stoped buyin pull ups. then a few days befor x-mas its was like he had never gone through potty training. he stoped telling he had to go, stoped getting up at night and going, and would just go in undies like it was normal. and yes he dose have to go sit in the corner when goes in his pants cause he never lets anyone know anymore. have no clue what to do now.its like the 3 mo. of being compleatly potty trained never even happend. and its not just peeing in his pants not he will poop in his pants also. HELP?

Could he have a bladder infection? Is he thirsty a lot? I'm wondering if the extra sugar at Christmas could have revealed diabetes, which would explain the peeing. The pooping--maybe if he's lost pee control, he just gave up on bowel control. I'd take him to the doctor for a urine test, which would reveal infection or diabetes.