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scoldings from mother
10/14/2007 at 02:27 AM

HI, My daughter is 7yrs old. She is slow in her work and doesn't finish it in time. She is a lovely girl but she gets beating from me and also scoldings for not listening immediately. When I tell her to work she'll say after five minutes and this irritates me and I just slap her. I want to give her confidence but I dont know what to do because I know she is intelligent and she can do but when she doesn't do I feel upset.

Not sure what to say to you apart from stop slapping her. That will make things even worse. How would you like it if you were having problems and instead of someone helping you they slapped you!!!! It certainly wouldn't help your confidence, only make you feel more stupid. I think you need to talk to someone who can help you both.


Hey anma2002in,


Scoldings don't sound like the problem here.  Slapping and beating is the problem.  Beating a child is child abuse and what you are doing is both morally wrong and illegal.  I suggest that you get some professional help right away before you ruin your daughter for the rest of her life or before you lose her and she has to go to foster care because she is removed from your home and your beatings.




Your post really upsets me.The problem is not with your daughter.Working slowly and wanting a break, sounds like a normal 7 year old to me. What is NOT normal is you responce to her.With the way you are abusing her, homework time must be a nightmare for her.PLEASE  find the help you need to control your temper.I'm sure you want what is best for your daughter, but what you are doing will destroy her and her future.If working slowly  and acting like any other 7 year old upsets you now, how with you act with an emotionally destroyed ADULT child? Change the behavoir now! you dont want to look back with years of regret.


Hi there-

I agree that the bigger problem here is the abuse, not the scoldings.  I am a social worker at a child welfare agency and also a parent.  You absolutely need to get help for yourself.  You are the adult in this situation and need to change your behavior so that your daughter can grow up to be a happy and healthy girl.  I would contact local services in your area and apply for voluntary services. I would also work closely with your daughter's school and counselors at school. It may be helpful to get your daughter into counseling at this point.  She may be needing to talk with someone about everything going on.  Please get help for both you and your daughter!