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school is over - what do I do with my kids all day??
06/12/2008 at 22:21 PM

I am wondering if anyone can advise me on any of the issues I bring
forth... now that school is over for both my 1st grader and preschooler
I am at a complete loss as to how to structure the day at home with
them.  I have a third child, a 2-year old, so most of my attention
is devoted to her.  Today was the longest day of my life, I think
- a lot of fighting, arguing, crying, tv-watching and demands placed
upon me.  When we have outings, the day goes much smoother, but
when we have to stay home for some reason or other, the day is filled
with chaos.  If anyone can tell me what a structured day AT HOME
looks like for you, I would certainly appreciate it.  It is really
hard for me to keep all three kids happy - it's actually pretty
rare.  I want to provide them with a stimulating environment but
at the same time teach them how to play by themselves when I need to
tend to the little one instead of turning the tv on during those
times.  HELP!!!!  I know there will be both good and bad days
but today brought me SO close to the edge...

Start with a positive behavior contract with your older children's input and also set up a loose schedule. Library time, workbooks, projects, chores, and having fun together. It is not your job to keep them all happy or stimulated. Don't pressure yourself. Let them help you tend to the 2 y/o at times and let them know you will give them 1 on 1 when the little one is napping or otherwise occupied. We all have bad days and it wiil get better once you implement some structure. Good luck!!

Hey kkupfner Don't be too hard on yourself, it is hard to keep 3 kids busy and happy. I think that family games are always a great way to keep kids busy and having fun---the preschooler and the 1st grader should have a lot of games they could play together and there are probably even a few the little one could play with them. Also, family story time is fun---you can read to all of them, each gets a turn to pick out a book---and if your 1st grader can read then they can have a turn reading to the siblings. I think outdoors fun is great, put a plastic kiddie pool in your backyard and let everyone splash around together. There are also these great new waterguns that have colored water cartridges so that they could have fun squirting each other. How about an art day---where everyone thinks up an art activity--they take turns picking what to do---coloring, finger painting, etc. Also, just think about the things that you do when you have a day out and try to replicate some of those activities at home. Here are some activities that we have on, check them out for ideas too. Anyone else have any great ideas? Marti

Yes, my daughter 1 st grades, is so happy, and she ask me for my plan, .I use one book, for every weekend, to make some thing different, and now I make ready my book for summer time,. I spend one day with my two daughters to write some idea, and after, put some special days, first, next week I have plan to go in Zoo, and every day, my daughters ask and need to speak for zoo, playing outside, reading, coloring, . Yesterday I was playing outside for two hours with many kids, 5 girls and 2 boys, sorry for my English, I was count one to 20, and everybody hide, after, I founded, but slowly, kids liked to play, ans after, one by one turn and founded, my neighbour tell me, you was like kids, I think, needed to many times, is good for kids and for me to, because, kids play and not fight, today, I have plan to play in Big water slit, and kids like too, I loved this place, and my subdivision is so nice, and many kids, around,

Thank you!!!!!!!! GREAT IDEAS!!! I appreciate the websites...

It's hard b/c your kids are all at different levels, but playdates w/ friends, yard play (whether in a pool, running through a sprinkler or playing w/ bubbles and chalk) all work well. Also crafts and playdough are fun. Another idea that my boys love is to cook. We bake cookies, make pizza and lasagna, even fruit salad. That usually keeps them busy for a while, and the best part is you get to eat what you make. Yummy! 8-)

We have a very structured day, however.. we don't always "time" it. We wake up and immediately after breakfast we hit the morning chores.. make bed, wash up, brush teeth, and check the garden for ripe veggies. Then it's walk/jog for about 30 min. After that, we do "Rangers" activities.. something relating to the environment or Park Rangers - we picked up a rangers activity book from a Natl park, but we add on to it and choose an animal each week to learn about, color, etc. Then we go swimming, neighborhood pool. No pool? get a kiddie pool. After swimming, which is usually about 10 am - 11am we come home hungry and have "writers brunch." We do a writing activity, even your littlest can benefit.. My 4 year old practices writing alphas and small words, my firsty practices making a grocery list, a dinner menu, a journal entry.. something appropriate for the day. Grocery day = his grocery items After writers brunch, we have our mid morning chores - mostly laundry related. then we'll do an arts and crafts type thing. There are many resources for that.. check out or .. After crafts time, we make and eat lunch. They like to help make simple lunches like PB&J, or stir the cheese in mac n cheese. Sometimes, in the early afternoon we'll watch Croc Files or Jeff Corwin. Then they can play outdoors until we have "Fast Math" which is a math worksheet (the youngest just practices writing numbers or dots to dots.. ) after, math worksheet, it's time for reading. We relax in the hammock outdoors and read a couple books. Then, Spelling Tea.. We make fresh tea, they choose their flavor, and work on spelling words. The little one, again.. small words.. or just alphabet letters, the firsty has actual spelling lists I devise of about 5-6 words. After Spelling Tea, we do afternoon chores which involves hunting for any stray trash or dishes, also folding and putting away laundry. then it's pretty much a free day where than can roam and explore the outdoors.

Well.....Why not go camp with your kids ? You can invite some other families go together. especially someone who are not familiar with . I think this a good for your kids and you. I heard the single parent dating site is very good. Maybe that is a good choice.

So, what do you do at the weekends now ?????