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Santa Claus
09/27/2007 at 09:39 AM

What is a good age for children to stop believing in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the toothfairy, etc?  I have a 10 and 9 year old girls and both still believe.  I don't want to crush them, but I also don't want them to get teased in school....should I tell them???  If so, how???

I think that you should let your child believe in Santa Claus etc. for as long as they want.  That is what the problem is these days, kids grow up way too fast.  Let them enjoy their childhood as long as they can.


I am not worried about my children growing up too fast .....I see many of their friends already not believing and I don't want them to be teased or think I "lied" to them.  I would never have the magic of the season vanish.  

My oldest has actually created a "fairy friend" for her younger I really think she is ready to know the truth.


I still say you shouldn't ruin it for your child.  Believe me I bet that maybe this might be your child's "last" chance to enjoy santa so why ruin it for them.  By age 12 they have either figured it out themselves or are told by other kids.  As far as you thinking that you have "lied" to them, when they do question or do not believe I would tell them that they should believe what is in their hearts and that it is believing  what was magical and the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.


Don't tell them! I still haven't forgiven my Dad for writing me a letter when I was 9 on Chrsitmas morning basically squashing the whole Santa thing.


I think my kids don't beleive, but don't want to ruin it for ME. =D


Let them tell you there is no Santa.


Kids can and should believe as long as they want.  When our daughter stopped "believing," we told her that even though the story wasn't "true," the spirit and meaning was.  That works really well for othe rintagible things like love (and god, if you believe in that.)

Okay, on that note, I have a new favorite holiday site - for all the holidays (including the tooth fairy)...,
which has a very modern take on all the major holidays, but, most
importantly, each of the holiday sections has a "Brief History of..."
page that has really good, easy, brief histories of all the major
holidays - culturally accurate, so they bring in all the various
elements that contribute to holiday celebrations as we know them. I
learned more about Halloween and Easter and.....  than I ever would
have thought. Fab teaching site, fun for kids and parents, and kids can email everyone from Santa to the Tooth Fairy to the Easter Bunny to.....  you name it.  And awesome photos of all of them....

My daughter (10) loves this site, even though she doesn't really beleive any more.