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Riding the school bus
09/28/2009 at 07:51 AM

Should I make my 7yr daughter ride the school bus? There are no problems with the bus. The driver is nice and no problems with the other children. My daughter just has a problem with seperation. She does not want to ride the bus because I am not with her. If I pick her up from school it would only be 30-45 minutes earlier. She cries all morning on the way to school if I tell her it is a bus riding day. She does not ride the bus to school only ride it home except Wed.

If it is possible for your daughter not to ride the bus, then don't make her. She could have bus anxiety and riding the bus could be very painful to her. 30-45 minutes can seem like eternity to a 7 y/o.

Thank you for your reply. I made the decision at 3 this morning when she woke me up crying asking if she had to ride the bus today. There are something’s we cannot give into but this was one I could.