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religion in school
01/06/2008 at 23:22 PM

I'm hoping someone can help me or give me advice.  I just registered my child in a new school today.  We moved from a metropolitan area to a small rural  town.  The public school has a  3x5 ft. "Jesus Christ  Our Savior" poster in the hallway and in one of the admin. offices, a poster of Jesus with his arms outstretched welcoming his flock.  Also, I was asked by one of the admin. there what church I went to.  I'm sure that question was innocent, but I answered we just moved here and hadn't found one yet.  When I told this person what denomination I was, they changed the subject.  I think one can guess that I said I was one of the more liberal Christian denominations.  I spoke to the VP of the school about it.  I told them, I wasn't looking to stir the pot, just didn't want my child indoctrinated and not taught Creationism.  They said not to worry, that the poster was the result of one of the admin. there and not the policy of the school.  This town is about 99% Caucasian and most of the population is the same Christian denomination.  Should I have worries?  Private school is out of the question for it would only be run by a local church. 

I would talk to someone at the school district office.  It sounds like you are pretty good at communicating concerns, and I think you could get some action taken in a non-adversarial way--just have it come from the district office, not from you.  I wouldn't threaten a law-suit, but I would request that they keep you out of it, try to help them understand that you are concerned that your child not feel any fall-out from you bringing this up.  It sounds like this is going to be a sub-text as long as you live in the town.  I hope you all get through it OK.


Even though I am personally a Christian, I would still be concerned if my public school up and put up posters of Jesus in their hallway.  Although that would be fine for my child, there are a lot of children there that would NOT be fine for.  I figure if it's a public school then it ought to stay rather non-denominational.  


I've just gotta say, "Amen!" ; )