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Reading recommendations for boys age 10+
09/22/2009 at 13:13 PM

Those of you with sons, what do your boys like to read?  Besides manga, I mean.

He used to like ones by Louis Sachar--the Sideways stories ones, but also Holes.   He wasn't much of a reader, either.  Still isn't, much.  I do recall he liked to read non-fiction rather than fiction at times.


One that looked like a good book to have for boys is the one called The Dangerous Book for Boys, kind of a "how-to" do all the neat stuff boys like.  I think I saw it at Costco; I wish I bought a copy!   Wonder if they still have some copies...


my son who is 10 likes to read the tree house books. they have a whole series. and also the secrets of droan. which is also a series. he never liked reading before but he's enjoying it now. my boys really like to look at and read star wars books. they have all kinds, from hard to soft cover. hope this helps. you just have to see what his interests are, and take it from there. good luck.


Any magazines out there that are suitable for 4-6th grade boys?  Any classics, books that Dad recommends because he enjoyed them when a kid?


My son who is just about on his way to college, always has, and still does consider reading a spectator sport! He will watch anyone doing it! When he was young, his interests were pretty defined, and we got him books that dealt specifically with those interests.  It was pretty redundant, and I'm not one for enjoying the historical perspectives of the military operations of WW1 and WW2, but it kept his attention. He also enjoyed a series of books called "A Series of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket.  They were fun.  And there was the "Captain Underpants" series which I used whenever necessary!!


Discovery Magazine put out by National Geographic was a staple at our house.  It was written for children without talking down to them.  Each edition dealt with a world concept and did double duty as a teaching tool in my classroom!



My son will be twelve in January.  Two years ago, as a 4th grader he declared that his favorite author was Betsy Byars.  He's read everything she ever wrote.  He has plowed through the Harry Potter books (all of them!) twice now.  He has also read Eragon and the sequel, Eldest; both pretty lengthy books.

Another poster mentioned her son's interest in WW's I & II.  My son is the same way.  He knows more about the weaponry of those two wars than any adult I know.  He  impressed a lot of adults with the breadth of knowledge he displayed last spring at his school's Education Fair. 

I would also personally recommend any Gary Paulsen books if your son is the outdoorsy type.  I'd start with Hatchet and move through the sequels to that book.  He's an excellent writer for people of any age.  Winterdance is hilarious as he describes his preparation for running the Iditarod.

I think the key is to zero in on your son's interests.  Many writers who target adolescent readers write their books in series' to keep the reader hungry for more.

There is no better gift we can give our children than the love of reading!


You've got to introduce him to the Percy Jackson books (Rick Riordan), the Alex Rider books (Anthony Horowitz), and the Alfred Kropp books (Rick Yancy).  I teach 4th grade and my students are eating these up faster than I can put them on the shelves.  After Percy Jackson, hand him a book on Greek myths and watch him enjoy classical mythology.


I have a 10 year old son, and he just loves these books.  We can't seem to buy them fast enough for him. 

A reviewer on amazon summarizes the plot...

'The series starts off with Into the Wild and a young "kitty pet"(house cat) name Rusty who yearns for adventure and has vivid dreams of the wilds. He meets a young feral cat, and this meeting leads to a chance to join a clan of wild cats called Thunderclan. He's renamed Firepaw and becomes an apprentice warrior. He finds himself in the middle of a tribal war with three other clans who coexist and compete for food and resources. '

My son loves video games, and fantasy movies, and this story series really keeps his interest.


My husband likes to say "We have 3 boys... and everything in our house is broken..."


Any DK Publishing (sorry to brand but they're so identifiable) nonfiction sends my 10 year old into his room for hours. These are the ones with titles like "Pompeii" or "World War II" or "Astronauts" but they're really in depth and also very visual.


There's a bunch of weird duck mysteries by Robert Quackenbush  ("Miss Mallard" series. They're SOOO weird he loves them.) Parents - you have to check these out.


I would also recommend almost anything by Daniel Pinkwater (Alan Mendelson, Boy from Mars is my all-time favorite.)