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Q & A Please Help Me with this Project!!!
11/30/2009 at 22:41 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am currently a Sophomore at Marist College. I am writing a research paper on child obesity and I would ove soem imput. If you could possible fill out this survet below I would greatly apprecaite it. The survey is completely anonymous so no personal info will be used. The only info I ask for is your age and your child's age so that I can compare the answers of parents depending on their age. Again it would help me out immensely if you could participate in this survey.


Child/Children's Age:

Do you feel the parents are to blame for a child being obese?

How do you feel about the way the media blames parents for the growing obesity epidmicin children?

Does your child/children particiapate in any sports/outdoor activities?

How often does your child/children use "screen time"(watch tv/videogames/computer) a day?

Do you know the type of food being served at your child/children's school?(If your child/children are not in school yet you don'thave to answer the school questions)

Do you send lunch with your child/children to school or do they eat the cafeteria food?

Thank you so much for your help!


Children: 9 & 14 Parents are responsible for feeding their children and for teaching their children how to eat. I think the media is not a true measure for anything. our 14yo son is in many sports our 9yo is not. We do encourage them to play outside and to exercise. Our children watch tv/video games 5-8 hours a week. I look at the menu every month to see what the boys are eating at school. The food is not over abundance, but it is not fresh or extremely nutritional. The boys eat in the cafeteria.

My children are grown so will give info for the 3 children, ages 11, 8 & 5, for whom I have cared 10-12 hrs per day for the past 11 years. Yes, it is the parents responsibility to provide their children with healthy food and the opportunity to exercise each day. The media should spend less time placing blame and more time on education. They could provide a great deal of good information if they chose to do so. The children participate in swim team, softball, dance, hockey, year round soccer and interactive music classes and attend summer camps for all of the above. They also ride bikes, walk and/or play outside every nice day. 3-4 hrs per WEEK. (Family Wii night 1-2 hrs per wk, 2-3 hrs of TV/educational computer time per wk.) The children eat mostly organically grown fresh vegs and fruits, yogurt, cheese, whole grains, some chicken and no red meat so will not eat most of the food served in the school cafeteria. (They say the smell of some of the food, like nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs, makes them feel sick.) They pack their eitire lunch most days but do eat the cafeteria pizza selections, which are quite good.