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Potty issues
01/16/2009 at 11:52 AM

My son is 3 1/2 and is potty trained. The issue I am having is that he refuses to wipe his tush after a bowel movement. He knows how, because when I am standing there and tell him to do it, he does. He wont do it at daycare, and when at home if his Dad is there, he will tell him he doesnt know how. I have discussed this with my husband, and assured him that he DOES know how, he just wont! I dont get it...he would rather walk around with a dirty tush.
I told him that I would have the ladies at the daycare stand in the bathroom with him to make sure he wipes and he got upset because he says that only the babies need the teachers in the bathroom and that he is not a baby... I have told him that the other kids wont want to play with him if he smells like poop, but that doesnt seem to effect him.
I am at my wits end..I dont know how to make him understand how important it is. Is it a control thing?

I remember that there is evidence in the underpants when the tush is not wiped. How he smells is his problem, if he gets some skin irritation, it is also his problem. But those dirty underpants, those affect the laundress! I told my boy that unstained underpants would make a difference in whether we got pizza, went sledding, played on the computer. It was still a long time before it became important to him. This is SOOOOO common. My nephews, my son, my brothers, the boys in my daycare back when. I haven't asked my MIL about my husband. If it ever was a problem it no longer is!

My son finally started wiping his tush at 5 yrs old. My 4 yr old won't. I guess I never made a fuss about it, and I just did it myself b/c of the hygene issue. At 5 yrs old, my oldest wants to do it himself, so I let him. If I see it's a messy poop, I'll assist. Once kids become school age, they need to be able to wipe themselves b/c, unless it's a special situation, many teachers aren't allowed to help. I always keep a box of flushable wipes in the bathroom. At least w/ them, I know my son is doing somewhat of a better job. I also keep A&D ointment handy incase the area gets irritated. Hope this helps!

Thanx for making me feel better...I am glad it is something that others have had to deal with. I thought I wasnt doing something right..as for the A&D yup, that is always handy and I do have some flushable wipes in the bathroom