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Please help with advice!
03/25/2008 at 07:49 AM

My soon to be six year old had talked me in to having him play soccer again. This is the third season. First season he participated in practice cried at the games but played in each game after the first quarter.  Second season starting crying at the practices so we just took him out, thinking he just might be too young.  Well, he begged to play with his best friend, and well, last night he was crying so hard at practice, I had to sit him down on the sideline.  I don't want to teach him to be a quitter, but it's suppose to be fun.

He's not shy and has friends on the team. He easily gets intimidated and quits at other activities. He says there are too many people watching and he doesn't want them to watch him.

Should I tell him to suck it up and that he made this commitment, hoping it will get easier. Or do I pull him out, hoping as he gets older, this will pass?

I would suggest you leave him in.  If he starts to cry then do what you did in your post, sit him down and let him watch.  If he sits down every time, then he does.  He still should show up for every practice, every game and benefit from some of the lessons team sports provide.  He will not learn every lesson just yet, but don't let him quit!  Soccer is one of the easiest sports to get started with too.


My sons's were raised by only me (single mom) ... they did the same thing and I let them quit.  When I met my boyfriend, he was hard on my 7 year old.  At first I resisted when my son said he did not want to play sports with the other boys but I relaxed a bit to see what would happen and he SLOWLY started to enjoy and benefit from playing sports with the other boys.  He is so proud of himself now and I could never replace the self confidence I never got to see in the other two boys.


He is only five, but he will prove his strength if you let him.  Sports have made a great contribution in the lives of my two sons and one daughter.  Be patient with your little boy, but don't let him give up.  Sometimes momma's can't stand to see their little people intimidated, but there is a lesson in that.  As long as it's a safe circumstance and he has the opportunity to overcome, let him! 


I know it's easier said than done, but don't let him quit...