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Older Parenting
06/02/2012 at 22:52 PM

Hi there,
I’m doing a project on how having older parent’s affects people emotionally and psychologically. I have older parents myself, and was wondering how others in this situation feel.
If you could answer the survey below that would be awesome! Feel free to skip any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, and add anything you feel is important.
It would be great to hear from you =)

1) How old were your parents when you were born?
• 30 – 35
• 35 – 40
• 40 – 45
• 45 +

2) How old are you now?
• 16 or younger
• 16 – 20
• 21 – 26
• 27 – 34
• 35 +

3) Do you have any older siblings?
• No (skip to question 6)
• 1
• 2 -4
• 4+

4) If you answered yes to #3, how much older than you are your siblings?
• I don’t have older siblings
• 1 - 3 yr
• 4- 7 yrs
• 8 - 12 yrs
• 13 yrs +

5) Would you say it is true that your older sibling(s):
• I don’t have older siblings
• Helped raise you, or acted as somewhat of a parental figure?
• Is a role model for you?
• Is distant because of the age gap
• Has a better relationship with you because of the age gap
• Has a strained relationship with you because of the age gap
• If other please specify below

6) Please select all that apply to your parents due to their age when you were born:
• They are more established in a career (and therefore don’t have to worry about making a name for themselves, allowing more time for children)
• They have more maturity than their younger parent peers because of their age
• They have more patience and/or understanding because of their age
• They have previous parenting experience
• They have a more solid identity because of their age
• their age has decreased the above assets in them (if so please specify below)

7) Would you say that your parents were more prepared to have a child when they had you then they would have been at a younger age?
• No
• Yes

8) Do/will you have to make any sacrifices because your parents are older and will not be around in your older adult years and/or need care now?
• No, my parents are healthy and have taken responsible steps to not become a “burden” before I am ready
• I taking important time from other family and friends
• I sacrifice the time that would otherwise go towards caring for myself to care for them

9) Will/do you have to make any financial contributions to care for your parents that you feel you are too young to have to make?
• Yes
• No

10) Will/do you have to sacrifice time from your career building years for your parents due to their age?
• Yes
• No

11) Overall, when comparing the pros and cons, do you feel it was better that your parents had you when they were older or would you rather they had had you at a younger age?
• It is better that they had me at the age they did
• It would have been better if they had had me at a younger age
• It would have been better if they waited even longer than they did