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Need your opinion
10/12/2007 at 16:22 PM

Scenario:  Boy age 13 needs tutoring to build on basic skills before high school next year - both parents agree on this. He also needs homework assistance during the week.

One parent wants: Sylvan Learning for two hours on Saturday morning when boy is well rested.  Let him focus on his homework during the week without adding tutoring during the week. He can get free homework help through a school program at 3:00 PM. Sylvan should be for developing his skills.


Other parent wants: It won't do any good on Saturday after having school all week. Give the boy a break and don't make him study on the weekend. Have him do his tutoring during the week on Wednesday late afternoon after school (4:30 to 6:30) so he is done with it. He is out of school at 12:30 and should play for four hours first. Then he can go home and have dinner and do his homework afterwards.

This may seem like a trivial question but has become a huge problem.  It would be interesting to find out from total strangers what their opinion on this would be.

Hi there-
I would have to agree with scenario two.  I don't parent teens at this point, but I can appreciate having free weekends after working all week.  It is just nice to know that you can have a couple of days to unwind and not stress about school or work....he is only 13!!!  Let him enjoy the weekends....he needs free time and socialization as much as he needs do adults!  Just think if your boss told you you needed to attend a staff meeting on a would not be happy!!!  Just a thought.....Let me know how it turns out!


I can see merits on both sides of the argument here, but think I would probably opt for the second choice too. Let him have his two days off at the weekend. He deserves it.


I took my boy to a program called Learning Technics.  Don't know if it is available where you live, but for $90 (this was 4 years ago) they will do an honest assesment to see if their program will help.  They address character issues along with training your brain to work better.  It was the best 2700 dollars I ever spent.