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need help for my 3 year old girl
03/08/2011 at 07:03 AM

my little girl has just become 3 and i am really worried that she is far behind other kids.

i really struggle to potty train her she hated a potty so i let her choose a toliet seat and a step thinking that would intrest her more but when she says pee pee mommy i take her to the toilet and she keeps grabing me and crying her eyes out becouse she dont like sitting on it and i just dont no what to do with her.

i also struggle teaching her words i have tryed with her but she gets the words when i say it and she will repeate them to me but yet she seems to still not get better with her sentence's

i really dont no what to do and i am really worried that at the age of three she is too behind

Hi, Don't panic! I know how frustrating it is. My daughter is a little over 3yrs old and seems sluggish about going in the potty. She knows when she wants to go, but just won't. I keep receiving all these horrible looks and comments from my relatives about her not being potty trained yet… I just kept reading the potty training books to her...I have seen a lot of good advice here...and it sounds like some of it may work. Good Luck!!! ---------- Early education | Teaching children