****NEED ADVISE**** my 5 year old daughter is kissing other little girls
05/20/2013 at 13:36 PM

Hi, I am new to this so bare with me :) I am concerned about my 5 year old daughter. A few weeks ago i caught my daughter in a tent kissing one of her friends. I let her know that that kind of behavor is inappropriate and it should not happen again, She told me that one of her friends at school kissed her at the bathroom. I told ehr that it happens again to tell the teacher. I talked to the school and the blew it off like it was no big deal. Then, this weekend she stayed the night with my parents with my 3 year old niece and they caught them up stairs kissing and it looked like my daughter was forcing her to do it. I am just really confused and need to know if I need to take her to talk to someone or is this a simple case of Curiosity? Thank you!