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Nanny Cam
05/23/2012 at 15:54 PM

I just recently hired a full time babysitter to stay at my home to watch my 16 month old girl and 8 yr old stepson.... there have been some suspicion however toward her behavior with my kids with some remarks made by my stepson that she's not very nice....

I guess what I'm asking is, is there anyone out there who has had trouble with this sort of thing, she is new and not quite familiar with the kids so I know that sometimes things get off to a rocky start and then again my stepson could also just be acting out for some reason, but I rather do something about it than not and I have heard about nanny cameras where they are small and put in places where you can't see them to more or less spy on the nanny.... i realize maybe a little unethical but again I'd rather be safe than sorry and monitor her to see if what my stepson is saying is true or not... either way she will be fired or I will have to have a talk with my stepson in not getting her trouble for no reason.

So my real question is, has anyone heard of these nanny cams? are they expensive? what brands are better than others and where can I find them?