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My son's name?
05/16/2012 at 11:29 AM

My son was given his Mother's fathers name after me and the Mother had previously agreed that if he were a boy then he would have my name in it's entirety and if a girl then whatever she prefered. Unfortunately we split but we were still to raise our child together, i also pratically begged her to still give him my name and she refused so she put my name in the middle of the birth certificate and didn't list me as the father but left it blank; she also put her father's name as the last name taking my legacy away and giving it to her father whom she has never met in her life. Long story short- the Judge ordered a name change while he was only 4 months old but the mother has purposely continued to call him the other name, when i had an evaluation/assessment done on him the findings were that he is confused as to what his name is and having difficulty determining which to answer to and he is now three, the mother had continued to call him that name despite the court order from 9/23/2009 and it is now 5/16/2012- what can or should i do?

You can't do much of anything I hate to say. There's no law stating that a person has to call another by their court appointed name. It sucks that your child is suffering as a result of this, but that's just the way it is. It'd be like going in to court and asking the judge to have your ex stop calling the child 'Snuggy Bear'. On the bright side, it really doesn't matter if the child is confused as to its name at that age. I don't believe that any real harm can be done by calling someone other than their given name. (Unless it's something like Oozy Susie or another derogatory name) So, unless your ex is making fun of your child, you really have no recourse here but to accept it and wait until the kid's a little older and can read his name.