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my 4 month old wont let me put her down!!!!!!
03/31/2010 at 11:26 AM

my daughter is almost 4 months old and recently it has been a task to do anything! she cries every time i put her in the swing or put her down period! even if she's been fed, changed, loved on for at least 15 mins. we get home i have 2 other children i have to cook dinner and all that good stuff i give her a good amount of attention but then its time to do other things and she will scream bloody murder. how can i stop this? sometimes i will leave her to cry for a few minutes and she will stop but now those times are becoming less and less. as soon as i pick her up she automatically stops crying. i cant get anything done! what should i do? anyone have any helpful suggestions????

I'd have her checked for reflux. If it isn't reflux, then let her cry.

YES, have her checked by the pediatrician. Please, do not let just her cry! Her needs are not being met and letting her cry will only make things worse. My daughter-in-law got a Moby Wrap (there are many similar wraps or you can make one yourself) which she uses to wear my 5 month old grandson close to her so he feels more secure and it helps a great deal with his reflux. Hope you are able to get your daughter to the doctor soon. Many times crying like you describe is the result of a medical issue.