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My 12 year old wants to walk around the house in just a diaper
03/21/2012 at 02:11 AM

My 12 year old was always a very great kid and happy, asked me a month ago for the weirdest thing, mom please let me walk around the house from after supper with just a diaper, I almost fainted, What you the mature kid. So he says he feels like it is so much fun, but I did not want to give in, so he said, if I wont let him, he will start peeing in public, what is far more worse, so I told him people will make fun of you, but I feel like I am talking to deaf ears. By now he wet his pants only in the house twice already. Should I let him (maybe he will get over it)
please help me!!!!!

Please talk to a professional. My inclination is to tell him/her it's OK to dress in only a diaper in private, but out of respect for the discomfort of others walking around the house in that manner is not possible. Could you also find out how this idea occurred to him?

He says the same way I like pitza he likes this, he says it makes him real pleasure, he says he will change it right when its dirty, so its not a problem of manners, but inssits on not only doing it in private (but onlt between family

is my kid what they call a diaper lover/adoult baby, is there any cure Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!