My 10 year old's friends
05/29/2011 at 12:55 PM

My 10yr old daughter does not have any friends her age. The only children that she plays with are at least 4-5 yrs younger than she is. I try to get her to play with other children her age, but she can be very bossy and gets upset when she is not the center of attention (we are working on that...) Should I encourage her to play with the younger kids? She is not very socially mature, and I am sure that is playing a role in this, but wouldn't playing with younger kids just promote this? Wouldn't playing with kids her age help her develop maturity?

I had this problem with my oldest son. I didnt need to feel his toothbrush to see if it was wet afterwards, or see how much toothpaste he used, I was only concerned with the end result. After brushing, and flossing I would have him come blow in my face. If I detected a bad odor I would go back in the bathroom with him and I would brush his teeth. Just brusing will not always cure bad breath. I have found that my oldest needs to actually scrape his tongue and then brush it with toothpaste, as far back as he can, yes he gags alot. My youngest is just fine without scraping. Get your daughter a tongue scraper and have her brush her tongue as well. Has she had flouride treatments? Whether they like it or not, as long as I have to pay the dentist, their teeth will be cleaned the right way, or I will do it for them. They hate that.