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From Mom on Benefits to +$1k Working Online
04/02/2012 at 11:29 AM

Hi, I am going to tell you how I went from being a full time mom on benefits to a full time mom with earnings more than $1k/Month. I hope it will inspire people to do the same.

I started out, the easist way possible: Filling out surveys! You don't earn cash but gift cards. Its however, still very usefull because you can redeem earnings in gift cards to any store that is online. I used to do my weekly shopping from walmart, with the gift cards I earned.
I have tried a lot of these Get-Paid-To sites, and there is a lot of BAD sites out there, so here is a list of sites you should sign up for: $0.5 - $4.0 per survey $0.2 - $2.0 per survey $0.4 - $3.0 per survey

I personally use babiesunique, because it has higher payout surveys and they have a referral system. When you sign up you get a unique link, and everyone you get to sign up through your link will be your referral.
You then get %50 of what they earn. You can basically earn while you sleep.

Thats it for today, in 5 days i will return and update my post with the next steps i took.