Military Moms, Wives, Partners, Girlfriends, and Parents in NYC Needed
06/30/2011 at 08:07 AM


I am working on conducting focus groups to learn more about what it is like to
have a family member deployed or in the military service. The purpose of the
study is to give a spouse/partner/parent of an OIF/OEF veteran a chance to
tell us about their views, thoughts, and experiences before and after their
spouse/partner/son/daughter's deployment in the military.

What's Involved? Participants will take part in two 60-90 minutes group
interview sessions. Second session is optional.

What will participants receive? In return for their time and effort they will
be reimbursed the following amount: $75 Gift Card (e.g., supermarkets, drug
stores) and a $5 Metro Card for travel cost. Snacks and refreshments will be
served during the session.

You can contact me by phone at 877-698-3299 or email at Interested participants can also call 877-698-3299. Thank you for your help and I greatly appreciate your support for this project.

Best wishes,

Amanda Cooney