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MIL just started Prozac & Xanax - What do I do?
12/16/2007 at 16:04 PM

Well I am new here and I hope this is the right place to enter this question.

I am a 40 year old military spouse with 3 young children ages 3, 22 months and 9 months.  My husband deploys 2-3 times year for 3 months at a time.  My Mother in law lives with us and was supposed to be taking care of our 3 kids when I start my new job in a week or so. 

She has been having dizzy spells and went to the doctor.  He said her blood pressure is fine so "he is not worried" about her dizzy spells.  Then she casually mentions "oh and he gave me a prescription for Prozac and Xanax..."  I am very concerned about leaving my kids with a 65 year old woman who is on these medications.  Her response to me is "oh these are just my crutch for now.  The kids will be fine"  This is supposed to make me feel better?  My new job is an hour away and I must work so that we can afford our bills and pay off our debt that accumulated while I was pregnant.  I don't know what to do.  My husband says "let's wait and see how my mom reacts to the medication this week"  That is fine but what about next week when I have to start my new job ? And my husband is deploying in one month.    I need advice badly....

Very Worried NavyMom

If she takes the meds as prescribed I doubt that there would be a problem. Isn't Xanax for anxiety? I would ask a pharmacists about general concerns about side effects, then make a decision based on that information. I am more comfortable with her caring for the children while under treatment than if she wasn't addressing her health concerns.

It sounds like you're not that familiar with drugs for psychiatric problems.  Both of these drugs can significantly improve a person's way of life.  The Prozac is typically prescribed for depression and the Xanax for anxiety disorders.  These two disorders usually go hand to hand.  Just because someone is on these types of meds does not make them an unfit grandparent.  I have two young girls and have bipolar disorder and take a slew of meds and am a "fit" mother.  Maybe you should give your relative some time to see how things go on the new meds and maybe you should read up on the meds so you'll be more informed before you freak out!


 As usual I see things from a different perspective. I would be concerned as well. There have been several incidents of people on prescription medication who have lost touch with reality. This is something I would seriously consider before allowing her to take care of the kids. Especially for the first few months at least. Most antidepressants take some time to become effective. Just being on them a week or two will not tell you how the person will be in 3 months. Maybe the best place to get some information would be your kids pediatircian. Good Luck.