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Looking for some Polish ideas
11/18/2007 at 10:38 AM

Hi, I am looking for some ideas for things to make for our nursery Christmas Fair which the children can help with. The children I work with are all two years old. As we are a very multicultural Centre, it was decided to make the stalls international and we put the country names in a hat to pick out. Our room chose Britain and Poland. Britain is easy as we are in Scotland. Poland is more difficult. As luck would have it [or not] the two sets of Polish parents we have are all off on extended holidays now and won't be back until January. I have looked a lot on the internet and got lots of ideas, but I am not sure how authentic they are. If there is anyone out there who is either Polish or knows a bit about the culture, I would be very grateful. I am looking for ideas for things which the children could make, or help to make, to sell at the fair.All ideas gratefully appreciated. The fair is on December 8th, so not a lot of time left.