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Kindergartener misbehaves after school
11/29/2012 at 06:58 AM

I have a 5 year girl in kidergarten who has been coming home lately and misbehaving. She seems to bounce off the walls, is mean to her little sister and just generally acts a little crazy after school lately. It's been going on for about 1 week now.

She's generally a very reserved and quiet child in school. She seems to just explode with energy when she gets home. Any suggestions?

Have you considered enrolling your daughter in an active after school activity, such as sports or something else athletic? This may help your daughter to channel her energy in a fun and healthy way. If that can't be done, then perhaps she could get some exercise by playing outside for a while. This will give her time to transition better at home. If this does not help, I suggest that you talk to your daughter's pediatrician about your concerns. As for how she treats her sister, she should be held accountable for that by losing a privilege she really enjoys (not anything active/athletic) for a period of time (anywhere from an hour up to 3 days at a time). She should earn it back by treating her sister respectfully. Perhaps you will also have her make amends to her sister in some way, like doing one of her chores. I hope this helps!