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Kids Have Weaker Tooth Enamel
05/13/2009 at 17:30 PM

Did you know that kids have weaker enamel than adults? Not to mention that kids tend to consume more acidic foods and beverages that can soften and wear away their enamel. Anyone heard of ProNamel for Children? It's a toothpaste that re-strengthens kids enamel.

Unknown And did you know that on most toothpastes there is a statement saying keep out of reach of children? That's because it has flouride and that's very unhealthy. Calcium, vitamin c, omega 3, alfalfa, and acidophulis keeps kids teeth healthy. Also try to use a kids friendly toothpaste that does not contain flouride.

Our sons' dr prescribes a multi vitamin w/ fluoride for them. They also use a kids' fluoride toothpaste, but only in an amount the size of a pea. According to their dentist, they wld have to swallow a whole tube of toothpaste for there to be a problem. My kids also take Omega-3 fish oil and drink lots of milk. My pt being, fluoride is safe if not used in excess. The same goes for most vitamin supplements. Always ck w/ a dr if you're unsure about any product. I never heard of ProNamel for kids. I'll have to look into that. Thx.

The Tooth Fairy is a great tool to use to teach kids about oral hygiene. A friend that works at a clinic, has developed some stories and test for kids to improve their oral hygiene awareness. And their weaker enamel makes a good hygiene education essential to their health.