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Kids and Social Networking
09/21/2012 at 08:52 AM

What according to you is the right time for kids to access social networking sites????? Being a parents, should we stop them from accessing grown up website and look for the website that is appropriate for kids?

There are many kids website like PenguinClub, Gungroo, Imbee, etc, where they can play games and chat with friends in a safety way.

Should parents decide the right website for kids or they choose for themselves what is good??

It's like an alarm for parents to know that around 7.2m kids of below 13 yrs have accounted in Facebook.It will be good if we discuss more on this topic, what do you say?

Am "IN" for discussion and how about you?

It's difficult to control kids at a certain age. But you can definetly monitor what they are doing. I would rather teach my daughter ( i won't have this problem for a long time since she's only three) about safe browsing, things you should never share online like certain photos, a trip abroad and personal information and how to watch out for trouble, like a girl asking her for a photo in her underwear or something. I would tell her that certain adults pose as kids to get information and pics. I wouldn't trust kids sites either, since kids automatically think they are safe. Online chatting done irresponsably is never safe, no matter the website. I'm not alarmed about the facebook rate. Unfortunately, i know a lot of 12 year olds (relatives mostly) who have a facebook addiction.

thanks to Galeadentise for your comments. Very true that If they know do's and dont's when go online then no need to much worry. Recently i joined and i create account for my kids as well so that they can login to play games, sketch and messages my close family members. I feel my kids are safe there as no outsider can intrude or disturb while my kids enjoy at the same time. I know that i cant stop my kids from exploring in digital world but its good that if they can access new activities from safe kids website... It's not easy as what we think when comes to our kids security.

i didnt use filters until a few months ago glad i do now with two teens at home. the internet can be a bad thing as well as a good thing.

@Lovelife240 ......Very true. It has its own benifits and disadvantage. Until and unless we know what they are using for, then its well and fine. You can check out this site - as well for your kids and its very secure site.

Be careful even on those kid sights. Don't assume they are safe!!! Anyone can still get on them. 15 years ago I use to be on a sight called purple moon. It was for little girls with princesses, jewels, crowns, and predators! I remember chatting with people who asked me where I lived and stated very inappropriate things to me. I'm glad my parents had conversations with me. Just make sure you teach Internet safety and monitor everything always. Don't make assumptions.

There's a great new book called, Unblocked: The Blocked Side of Facebook, which shows the real side of Facebook for teenagers. This is the side of Facebook parents don't see. Please if you have a teenager or soon to be teenager - this is a must read! As a bonus there’s a Slang and Emoticon Dictionary in the back of the book. For a short time Amazon is offering $5off Unblocked. Promo Code: UTGYQQHB