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Kid Caught In The Act
09/17/2007 at 03:18 AM

my 9 year old son was caught inside the store. this store is located inside the school campus....before this happen according to my son and his playmates... they saw group of teenagers outside of the said store telling them not to report what they have seen, and offered them candies.
after they son call some "bad names" to his playmates, and to retaliate his playmates throw his slippers which landed inside the store ( as the window) according to them is alredy open.  without thinking of the child went inside the store to get his slippers, it was then the time that one of the school employee saw him. and called the guards.

upon interoggating my child and his playmates. they have the same stories that none of them forcibly open the store to steal candies. and that the only reason why my son was inside was becasue he would get his slipper which he had thrown.

now, the store owner and the guards, want my child and his playmates to pay for the lost items, and they even added that there is something broken inside the store which was cause by my child "force entry"

i was asking them, if they saw my child do all the things they are saying. but they are standing to they own opinion that because my child was inside, therefore he has to answer for the damages. unless he could point out who are those group of teenagers they had seen.

is it right?

i told them, i would pay, if its really my child's fault...but if not is it right?
they are stopping they investigation from where "my child was caught" and want us to pay.

i was thinking the owner just want to retrieve back is losses in fast way. wihout running who the real one are.
and the guards who failed to do his job...wants to make his job easier that way too.

please help me to get this things done.
im so embarass..and confuse and i feel pity to my son. because he is so ashame to go out of the house now.
thankyou so much

It sounds like you are standing up for your child, at least partially, and its a really hard thing to figure out "the truth" for, but it's important your child sees you advocate for justice on his behalf.


Figure out the version of events you believe is correct -- and if it implicates your child in part, tell him and the store owners, that yes, he is responsible for sneaking in when he shouldn't have, or whatever. Then make sure your child is punished or held accountable for those acts, so he understands where he made bad decisions.


Then hold your ground for the remainder of the events. Your son should not be made a scapegoat. However, if he and his friends are not trustworthy...I don't know how far you will get. You may have to pay to smooth things over. But if you believe him, stand up for him and let those in charge know what  you think happened, even write it down or file it with the office, so that if it happens again (with the teens) it will be documented.


Good luck!