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Kid-Aware Safety Bracelets
11/11/2013 at 13:46 PM

Hello, fellow members and parents! My name is André and I'm a Portuguese Engineering student majoring in Computers.

I'm part of a five-element group who are all currently on the last year of a Master's Degree in Electronical Engineering. We are taking a course on Entrepreneurship which allows us to concebe and develop an idea for a product with a strong innovation and technological components.

Taking this into consideration, we would like to expose you all our project. We are working on a product directed at keeping young children safe and under control, which, as I am sure you all agree, is always a big concern and a major priority for every parent. Our product is Kid-Aware. It comprises of a pair of bracelets, one of which is worn by the child, and the other being used by you, the child's parent or legal guardian. When the child gets too far away from you, an alert is sounded on your bracelet, allowing you to be instantly notified if the child gets out of range. As we conceived it, this will serve as an extremely useful utility for casual walks outside or through the park and trips to the mall, the beach, countries abroad...

The maximum safety radius the child may wander off to can be configured manually, as well as the type of alarm (sound, vibration, blinking LED..). The parent bracelet may also be simply a smartphone App.

Further information can be found on our official web-site,

We would like to ask you simply for feedback on what you think of this product and if you think it will be as useful as we imagine it would be. Also, we would be eternally grateful if you could help us better take your opinions into consideration by filling out the survey on the website.

Me and my colleagues would very much appreciate your honest opinion and participation. Thank you very much!

Best regards