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jealous dad causing big trouble
01/20/2011 at 11:54 AM

hi every 1 just need advise please,i am engaged to my partner and we are due our baby in 3 weeks my prob is i have a 6 yr old girl who up until 6 mnts ago went to her dad every weekend,but then decided she no longer wanted to sleep over but says nothing rong she just wants to come home at nite,her dad is 34 stil lives with his dad but the prob is his dad was prosacuted for indecent exposure a few yrs ago so her dad no,s under no circumstances is she to be near him r his home so when she wouldnt go i got worried so i just gave him day access but he would turn of his fone and wouldnt leave her home till he wanted so i stoped access after a spree of bed wetting which never happened before i found out he had her in his dads so now he takeing me to court for access and gaurdianship in my eyes he is not fit to be a dad he doesnt support her in any way my partner does every thing for her and am terrified she will have to go weather she wants to r not i have been told by my solicitor that he will get al he wants and she is not old enough to decide herslf,has any 1 any advise please i really need it

The judge originally granted overnight visitation when it was clear that an alleged sex offender lived in the home? When you are under a court order, you do what the court order says. If you don't you lose standing with the court. It is your obligation to inform the court of circumstances, like allegations of indecent exposure.

A guy I work with was also charged with indecent exposure for urinating near a walking path. He did not expose himself to anyone, just needed to go to the bathroom. If a judge granted visitation for the dad and you have intefered with the father's time, that is why your attorney says that dad will get what he is asking for. If your daughter decided she did not want to go to school would you allow her to stay home? As was said, you follow the court order until the order is changed by the courts.

i understand what tour say,n but there was never a court order i contacted him when she was a year old to c her and we just decided from there when he would take her it was only when she said she didnt want to go with him any more and i found out he did have her in his dads house that i refused to allow him to put her at risk any longer so i stoped access,it wasnt for going for a wee he was done it was for masterbating in his car outside a teenage disco and was reported then was caught again doing same on his doorstep as kids were coming home from school and parents called gaurds so this is why i dont think he should have any access because as far as am concerned he put her life in danger and doesnt seem to think it was rong he just hasnt a clue how to be a parent

Be sure you tell the family court judge about this. Document it with whatever is in the public records--his arrest record, the results from any trial. If you had an agreement that she would not stay overnight, and he didn't bring her home, you go over and get her. Take a big strong neighbor, or take the police. If you knowingly let her stay, even once, at the grandfather's overnight, you have weakened your case.

no as far as i new she wasnt stay,n there it was said to him from begining that she wasnt to be near him it was only when i questioned her and found out she was there that i stoped access i just cant believe he would put her at risk like that al it takes is a split second and she is distroyed for life and he didnt think that a prob so that is y i dont think he deserves another chance its a life of my child thats at risk,i have went to gaurds to get info on the case on the father but they said they cant give me that info it would be up to the judge to get it but al they said was if she was thier daughter she wouldnt be going i just dont no what to do my solicitor said if it goes to court he will get access regardless i just think the judge should c that if he willing to put her at risk he not fit to have her at al because he new not to take her there but done it any way it just al bout annoy,n me and getting what he wants he doesnt care bout her at al its al a game to him

In the US, arrest records and court records are public records unless a juvenile is charged.

If your attorney is telling you that the father will get visitation with his child, and I am assuming that your attorney knows all the facts as presented by you, I think there might be more, or less to this.