jealous dad causing big trouble
01/20/2011 at 08:54 AM

hi every 1 just need advise please,i am engaged to my partner and we are due our baby in 3 weeks my prob is i have a 6 yr old girl who up until 6 mnts ago went to her dad every weekend,but then decided she no longer wanted to sleep over but says nothing rong she just wants to come home at nite,her dad is 34 stil lives with his dad but the prob is his dad was prosacuted for indecent exposure a few yrs ago so her dad no,s under no circumstances is she to be near him r his home so when she wouldnt go i got worried so i just gave him day access but he would turn of his fone and wouldnt leave her home till he wanted so i stoped access after a spree of bed wetting which never happened before i found out he had her in his dads so now he takeing me to court for access and gaurdianship in my eyes he is not fit to be a dad he doesnt support her in any way my partner does every thing for her and am terrified she will have to go weather she wants to r not i have been told by my solicitor that he will get al he wants and she is not old enough to decide herslf,has any 1 any advise please i really need it