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it wasnt imprt to the mother to take our son to the dr
02/23/2009 at 18:12 PM

I have visitations to see my son. Every time I pick up my son he is sick with a cough, sore throat, dizziness or ear infection. Well for the past 4 months i would talk to the mother but I guess the mother's boyfriend doesn't know that we talk. So I was able to pick my son after school instead of 6pm but now that has stopped for some reason. I tried to call the mothers cell but its disconnected so i called the mothers mom. I asked if i could pick up my son after school she said that she would give the mother a call.

She said that i couldnt bc my son has a DR appt. So my fiance and my cousin picked up my son the grandmother said that she forgot the meds so my fiance asked do u want me to follow you to ur house to pick up the meds the grandmother said no the mom said if it starts hurting to take him to the ER my fiance was confused and said alright. Once they got home my son said that his ear was hurting so we asked him did you not go to the DR today he said no that his mom just picked him up and dropped him off at his grandmas and she left for mexico. he said that on wed night he was crying unitl 1am bc his ear was hurting. so the next day he was suppose to go but that the mothers bf told the mother that he didnt want to go with them bc he was playing xbox so the mother didnt take our son to the dr.

the dr said he had a reallly bad ear infection and the the ER DR would call his dr but there is no way to contact the mother bc she is always changing her nbr and my son has constant ear infections and i have the forms that i have taken him

I dont know how to show the court abt this bc every time i mention something she always have an excuse to cover it that the Judge will just believe her anyways and now he is not allowed to come to my house with his homework so i cant help him but the mother just flips thru the pages she doesnt see if the plms are wrong bc my sons rushes thru his homework

i dont know what to do.. cant afford a lawyer

irisheyes, You used a lot of acronyms but I do believe that I understood your story. Your son is suffering physically because you believe that the mother does not take adequate care of him. You do not need a lawyer for this, a simple phone call to child services will help. Explain to them your concerns about your son's well being. Best case senerio, they will investigate the situation, but even if they do not go the your ex's place to investigate, there will be documentation about your concerns and you can start building a case. Infections that are not tended to can cause great damage and life long complications. I hope you are aware of that. In the mean time, if you can not afford antibiotics, make sure you use a medical rubber hot-water bottle covered in a towel and have your son lay on it with his ear, that will help drain the infection and relieve some pressure. Good Luck

i did take my son to the dr i took him to urgent care and the dr said that he had a really bad ear infection and the dr was concerned so i will see my son this friday and if i find out that the mother didnt take him to the dr i will have to take him to urgent care again.. he did get antibotics he got the next one up from Amoxicillin bc the dr said with him always getting that each time he has ear infection that his body s immune to it so he got a different one. i would like to call social services but i dont know what time they are home bc they are always out and if i do if we end up back in court she always have a way to manipulate the system and have the judge believe her. the last time we were there she had lied to the judge that i had called cps on her and called the police on her boyfriend and she said that he wasnt home but he was really home... she just has an excuse for everything whatever i mention theres an excuse.. shes had 4 kids and a boyfriend (kids 9 yrs to 1 yr old)

Hey Irisheyes, The best thing for you to do if you want to eventually go to court (and when you can afford it) is to have records of what is going on. No one can "manipulate" the system if there is continuous documentation by a unbiased source. Social services do not need to know when your ex is going to be home (they have their investigators do that work), they just need to have reports of what is going on. When you call them, tell them you believe that this is an on going issue and you want to start a case. Call in every time you believe your child is at risk. When you call in, it is documented by the ministry. It maybe a slow process, but months and months of documented stories bode well in courts. But remember this is for you son, and not a means to "get back" at your ex. It is important for your son to see he being put first in front of all the emotional drama. Good Luck