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Is it just candy?
02/02/2008 at 09:12 AM

Hi Moms,

I have a very active 4 years old. He grows from a wonderful baby to a kid. Almost all my neighbour's like him, he's very cute and friendly. But recently I find out that he will follow strangers if they give him a piece of candy.

My husband and I are very strict on the healthy food. I raise my boy by following the books and instict. So candy is definately not on the list. Is it backfired?

I feel so sad that I spend so much time to maintain a good habit out of him though he would make a decision to leave me for someone he doesn't even know, only because they gave him some candies. It happened more than twice now. It is very dangrous, too. I thought he's a very easy-going and independent child but now I am very scared.

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

  Don't take it personally, it is not that a 4 year-old is making a decision between staying with his family and having a piece of candy, it is that a 4 year-old likes sweet things.  Just keep a close eye on your child.  Obviously, someone was watching him as you know that he took the candy, so you are doing all right. 

  I take a more relaxed attitude about food, but you know your own situation best.  I have a neighbor who has no refined sugar in the house.  If her kids want sweets at home, it is fruit, fruit, fruit.  But I'm pretty clear that they take opportunities at their friends' homes to satisfy their sweet tooth.


I agree with gail.

My 19 month old recently started the same with me. Personally i feel a bit jealous but I think the child cannot tell the difference yet.
As she grows he/she will learn that we are the preference and what you say ultimately will preside.
For the moment what you can do is simply keep an eye out and protect at all times. In time it will get better.

All The Best,
Hector R. Barrera