I need some sudjestions in telling my parents that i'm going to be a dad..
02/13/2010 at 01:00 AM

Hi there everyone,

I have a small issue that I kinda wanna ask for some helpful advise from everyone if possible please...

I've been married for going on 4yrs. and my wife is pregnant and is ready to give birth at anytime... I've been having troubles on how to tell my dad that I will be having a baby soon into the family? I don't know on how to tell him without him getting mad... Can you guys please give some wonderful tips on how to tell my father that he's going to be a grandpa soon?

I don't know just the right words on how to tell him, where he is happy...


You have a wife, and a baby on the way. You should be focused on them not your fathers feelings. Gen 2:24 "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh".
Send your father a card if you must, but do let him know...he might surprise you.
Congratulations, enjoy your new family and the journey.


Thank you so verymuch for you're message.. Yea that's what i'm thinking on doing... We greatly appresiate you're input, and advise...

Wow!! Very good idea.. :) Man I didn't know on how exitting being a father is....