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I need an advise
07/20/2013 at 12:36 PM

I have 5 years old son with a humble and loving attitude, he never hurt anyone even others hurt him while playing together, I notice that while he play with his sister and other kids. But when he play with his father or elders he will be aggressive and will fight back.
My problem is now when ever other kids bit him or hurts him he will complain to me and never bit them back, when I ask him why u never bit him back he will say not suppose, there is one time he got tell me if he bit them back the parent will scold and he don't want punishment for such behavior.
I don't know how to advise him should I ask him to bit back or just leave this matter like that.
I am confuse I'm worried and his father always complain he gonna be a coward later.
Please advise what should I do how to advise my son.

I would say you should talk to his friends and ask them to play with your son and not just bully him, tell them that your son is like everyone and should be treated equally. But make sure that you talk very politely to the kids.

Once your son enters school, his teachers will not want him to fight back and they will certainly not want him to bite another child even if he's been bitten first. When children fight back or bite back in school, they can end up in the same trouble as the child who started the fight. When a child fights back or bites back, it usually makes the fight worse not better. Why are these other children fighting and biting? I think these other children need to be supervised when they play with your son - children who fight and bite are not safe playmates.