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I am doing wrong?
12/15/2011 at 19:58 PM

my boy is 14 years old, and he likes play computer games. his mother and I are not usually at home, so he has a lot of time surfing on the internet, after recommended by my friends, I just installed the spy software on his pc, just like the web filter, keylogger and so on. but he got mad when he knew this, what should I do, I am wrong?

Try to adjust your work schedules so he is not spending so much time alone. It's awfully hard to be a good kid when you don't have enough time just hanging out with your folks around.

There are parental controls on games consol's and computers that can limit the amount of time or content to which your child is looking at. We used it on both our children till they were 16 years old.

Hello ceric, I have an idea, first tell him that you remove the keylogger and then install a keylogger secretly that is 100% invisible and work on stealth mode. Now you can know his computer activity, i recommend a "Lightlogger Keylogger" that software which has good features like: - Great for Concerned Parents - Stealth Mode - Keystroke Monitoring - Application Monitoring - Website Monitoring - Multi-language support - Screen Captures - Windows 7, Vista, XP Support