how to raise my children to be a bilingual or even a trilingual?
03/15/2014 at 00:03 AM

I am married for almost three years. I don't have any baby yet but I've been started to consider about raising my child in bilingual or even in trilingual the day I married my Korean husband.

I am half korean and half indonesian. I was born and raised in Indonesia. I lived there until high school. I came to korea to continue my study and to know about my other culture and language from my father's side.
So my mother tongue is Indonesia but I can speak Korean almost native and my English is good as well.

What I want to discuss is I want my children to be able to speak those three languages naturally. Would it be possible if my husband only can speak Korean? My husband and I communicate in Korean. By the way we live in Korea.

It would be wonderful and helpful if you could help me out with this issue with your inspiration or experience.