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How our Family Connects at mealtime
01/22/2008 at 23:15 PM
Fostering family closeness requires spending time together, and mealtimes are a wonderful place to start.  In our family, we give a heads-up as to which dinners of the week will indeed be spent toghether.  Given everyone's schedules, we do aim for atleast three to four dinners together.  We encourage any who want to join in on preparing the meal, and we encourage meaningful conversation during the meal.  This means parents can ask open ended questions, and without strong judgement, offer affirming feedback so that children know they are 'heard'.  Mealtime can be a connective time, children grow in feeling more cheerished during shared times.

In addition to family mealtime, we also connect at bedtime.  We read a chapter of a book (it happens to be scripture, but I think a novel would accomplish many of the same things) out loud together, and then everybody hugs each other (not a group hug), before we go to bed.  We also have a weekly meeting to discuss schedules and other concerns.