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How do you handle media exposure?
09/05/2012 at 06:44 AM

My kids are 10 & 12, and the know a certain amount of general 'health class' type topics. But I find myself swapping radio stations when dj's do a 'bit' about some cheating girlfriend, or advertise some hot body contest. I have found cable channels like adult swim and I even feel abc family shows deal with topics above the level I'd like my kids to see. Now with the political ads and news topics everywhere I have more concerns. The other day I had to explain what abortion meant and what the different arguments are, then topics like gay rights have even been uncomfortable. I know they will need to understand these things in time of course, but the stuff is everywhere now. I'd like to hear what your experiences are and what you've done to manage this exposure.

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to be honest your kids are better off learning the meening of the topics from you. if not they will get the advice from a child at school. and trust me you dont want that. i always at a sit down talk and explained topics like that with my children and also showed them bad consequinces of certain things they would ask about. being upfront and very open will give you a child that is not afraid to come up and ask you anything.

I cancelled my cable! I stream netflix and and manage to avoid commercials. Try sattelite radio - doesn't that have no commercials? But the other issue is the internet - it is so easy to inadvertently be exposed to stuff. One time I was looking for an image of a famous person in google images, and there were a bunch of graphic porno images mixed in. One curious teen could click and be re-directed to who-knows-what-website! I have no easy answers for you, but definitely talk to them when stuff comes up.