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How can I get Joint legal Cusotdy???
05/19/2008 at 13:15 PM
I went to court the other day to get more time with my son and mother and i agreed to split spring break and xmas break but the one thing that she didnt agree on is the joint legal custody..
After i find out that mother had cheated on me i kicked her out and she took me to court for child support and i had joint legal custody well she had a 2nd (girl) child which she told me that the girl was my daughter well when we went to court in 2002 my family told me to get a DNA test on her come to find out she wasnt mine and she was embarrased in front of her brother and mom so she told the court that i was smoking weed so i lost cusody and i had to have 3 month supervise visitations..
I was going thru alot i was hurt that i was drinking and just getting worse then finally i met someone and she helped me to get better and to stop and now i have been clean...
I met my girlfriend in 2003 a few months later the mother called me to tell me hey do u want to see ur son even tho i havent went to court yet bc i was stil dirty but mother came down to my city the reason she cam down bc the man she cheated on me with was in jail for battery so i was seeing my son for a few months until one day she stopped calling me and i didnt see him 
 So my girl helped me go back to court when i found out that the mother's parents didnt live in the house near my parents home so i hired a P.I. and they got me a address
so i went to court and had medation we didnt go in together we went in sepertly she told the man that she didnt want me seeing my son until he was older and that i disrupted her family in their new home but i told the mediator that yes it has been a while that i can accept supervised vistations so it was ordered but i had to come back in 4 months
 1 month later she took me to an emergency hearing for taking my son out for dinner and drinking around him..she wanted to have supervised visitations but the judge denied that..
So in dec i had mediation but mother did not show up bc the "boyfriend" was in jail for violating probations so i was given satuday to sunday... so now we have to come back to court in march...
March i guess mother was in a different mood that she agreed on whatever i wanted. i got 1st 3rd 4th weekends summer xmas day and thanksgiving day and share transportation this is in 2007
so now 2008 in april i filed papers to get more time like spring break and xmas break and again share transportation and i wanted to get joint legal custody. i sent the papers to her house in the mail,,, i was thinking she was going to do a resposive decl but we ended up going to mediation we agreed on sum but not on the joint legal so after we were done that is when she tried to do a responsive decl after mediation?? she dated it april 22 but it was filed on the 28th
so we go to court and the judge asked if i disagree with the order and i told him tha t i didnt want my 4thweekend taken away so the judge denied her request by limiting my time with my son... i told him that i wanted to have joint legal custody so the mother told the judge that i made false alligatios police reports on the boyfriend and false cps reports which are not true but the judge didnt understnd so he didnt listen to that and she told the judge that the only reason that i want joint legal custody is that i want to use the records or anything to put it against her so the judge grant me health records and school records but not joint legal custody.....
3 days later i read the mintue and it says the the father didnt have sufficient evidence to be granted joint legal custody.... i dont understand what do i need to do to get joint legal custody i want to be able to have custody of my son mother has sole physical..
mother and boyfirend have a say on everything whenever i want to take my son out its always no and none of my business i want to be albe to have custody where its me and the mother making decisions on our son and nobody else.. what can i do??    

Get a good lawyer. These cases are so difficult and from sad experience I can tell you it won't get any easier unless you have good legal representation. GOOD LUCK!!!!!