How to answer "why should I learn XXXXX in school?" question
04/11/2014 at 07:49 AM

This comes up about math mostly with my sophomore son. Since he believes he has no interest in Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, etc. where it is apparent that math is important he says it is stupid that he needs to learn advanced math.

So I struggle with the why should I learn this if I will never use those topics in the real world question. I tell him that 1 you never know what you will develop an interest in. Using your brain in different ways completes its development so that whatever you end up doing you will do better.

He doesnt understand why teachers dont start with why you need to learn XYZ skills at a basic level before a class starts.

Doesnt just happen with math, but that is a big one.

How would you answer "Why should I learn XXXX in school if I will never us it in the real world?"