Helping a Messy Kids Clean Their Rooms With Humor
03/21/2014 at 04:29 AM

Hi, I know I'm self-promoting a book I wrote, but I hope you will take a look at a video I made that helps explain a little bit about it. I'm on the crowd-funding KickStarter site to raise funds to get it into print. I based my story on my granddaughter and her messy room. She matches wit with a kleptomaniac dust bunny that lives under her dresser. It's a fun book with a subtle message to children to keep their rooms tidy. If you go to KickStarter and type in Dust Bunny Sock Monster in the search bar you can get the details how to pledge and look at the different levels for different rewards. Once you pledge, you will not be charged any money until, and only if, the project is successful in raising the entire goal by April 13, 2014.

So please help make this wonderful project into reality. Just type in Dust Bunny Sock Monster in the search bar on KickStarter to watch the fun video about Dust Bunny Sock Monster. Thank you for your support.

Sara Rawlins